First post!


Hi, guys!

So, this is my first post on here I guess. Well, I can’t believe I’m writing my first blog post. To be honest, I never thought I would start blogging. I guess after a long time I’ve started finally haha. I happen to be a person who rants quite a lot when I’m feeling down or want to say my opinion. I don’t expect people to agree with the stuff I have to say but yeah! Since this is my first post, why not get to know me a little better?

I’m actually in the final year of sixth form and I’m studying A Level English Literature, Health and Social Care and Business.  My exams are coming up soon so I’m trying to focus on that and I hope I do really well. I’ll be starting university this year and I wish to study English Literature which I’m so excited for! I can’t wait to meet new people! I also want to travel more. I want to go to places I haven’t been before and experience some cool stuff. I love music a lot and I’m so excited for Ariana Grande’s new album Dangerous Woman!

Anyways, that’s a little for today! I hope you have a lovely day!



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