Positivity and Love

Positivity is a major component of our lives as humans. It changes a lot of things, if not A LOT for those people who feel that they are always in the dark. And there are people who need it. If I’m honest, when I’m feeling down I’m kind of hoping for someone to be there with me. To tell me that they’re there to listen and nothing more. I love being able to be that person when someone can give me the reason to be there for them. Anyone. Friends, family, even a stranger. To let someone know that you’ll take at least five minutes of your life to listen to them would honestly brighten up their moods. I feel that this is something that some of us lack. If more people were able to support others and give them a little bit of their own time, we’d have people walking happily from all the negativity they may have been facing.

I believe that we all, as humans, have this speciality. You could even say that we’ve been gifted with this. It’s nothing big but it’s just this positivity that we can share. By telling someone “hey, your hair looks nice today” or “you look so pretty in that outfit” you could instantly make someone smile. And you’re probably thinking that it doesn’t really matter but it does. No one wants to be left sad. That person may be having a bad day and you could simply change that all by complimenting them or simply making a conversation. I wish that more people were able to pass on positivity because it can honestly change the atmosphere for some and try and encourage others to stay positive, smile and do the things that make them happy. All we need is a little bit of love and light.

Thank you for reading, have a good day!


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