Travelling the World

There are so many places I want to travel to and visit. I want to travel the world. This world has both good and bad things to offer but as humans, we should really see what the world can give us. I want to go to different countries and try out new food, understand different cultures, meet new people, learn a new language and so much more.

Yes, cities like New York, London, Tokyo etc. have all the buzz and interest people. However, exploring the nature side of our world like the countryside and the quieter rural places of this world is something on my bucket list and something that makes travelling special. I want to travel the world and help the needy. For me, that is an achievement because it means I’m travelling and meeting people whether they’re wealthy or needy. Plus just being able to help them is something that makes me happy.

Sometimes when we’re upset, we often want to get away from the things that trouble us. So to be a person who travels and visits different parts of the world, that would be a great way to get away from all your problems. Travelling gives us experience in life. It will make you so many new skills that you never had and it will give you great memories. Being able to know you have great memories of a time in your life where you were happy is important and something to look back on.

I love the idea of just being able to be free in your own world. There are always things to do in this world and to travel everywhere, it is truly special. If you travel, you can go with whoever you want. It can be your best friend, your girlfriend/boyfriend, family or even just on your own. One day, I will see the beauty of the world when I travel.


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9 thoughts on “Travelling the World

  1. I agree with you that cities are great but I too love the natural environment. I want to travel so much, I’ve started planning a few things for this summer, but hopefully when I’m done with uni I’ll go to more places.If you wan’t to see some of the places I want to go to, there’s a post on my blog called Big World Little Me, check it out 🙂

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