A few words to myself

There are a few words I feel that every person should tell themselves. There is something you will find telling yourself. Here are a few of mine that I always try to remind myself of.

  1. You should always have your own back. This is very important for us all. This is something in my life that I feel is true and useful because I’m still learning and life is quite strange that anything can happen at any time, any place and sometimes we find that we only have our own backs. Not all people can be trusted and you shouldn’t rely on anyone apart from yourself.
  2. People come and go. This does not mean anything bad it just is a part of the many things in life we experience. Not every person in your life is meant to be and if they aren’t, you both have to move on. It comes back to the whole topic of relying on no one but yourself because only you will know what is best for yourself. Sometimes we meet people that will join us on your journies but there are also others who might only be in your life for a limited period of time and that is completely fine because not everything is meant to be. It’s just life’s way of teaching us important things.
  3. The dark times don’t last forever. Whenever I’m going through a hard time, I often find myself feeling so lost in the dark experience I’m having and if it’s one of those bad days, I forget that they don’t last forever. We all get hit with things that will cause us to feel upset or bring us down because of something particular and that sucks but it won’t be like that forever. Tomorrow things do change and it will always get better, even if it takes some time and that’s what we have to accept.
  4. Love yourself. Loving yourself is so so important I can’t stress it enough. We often find ourselves so focused on others but recognising your own happiness and self is equally and just a little more important because how can you try and give people your all if you can’t give yourself that same attention, recognition and love. Just remember you are worth it and you matter too. You’re human too, you have feelings and you deserve to be loved and even if it means loving yourself and paying a little attention to yourself it’s still important. Your health always comes first. This means you need to be mentally and physically happy.
  5. Don’t give up. Never give up. Giving up will always push you down and put you back to square one. You need to keep pushing yourself to get the best. There will be times where it will get hard and that thing may feel like they are completely out of hand or not be working out for you but that’s life. To show you’re giving up, it’ll just mean that whatever has been trying to bring you down has accomplished in doing so and you can’t allow that to happen. You need to keep moving and prove those wrong who didn’t believe in you.

I hope wherever you are, you are well and happy because that’s what is the most important right now. I’m definitely trying to blog more and it feels great because there are so many things I want to share with you all.

Also dont’t forget to like, comment and share! Take care and enjoy!

Sami x


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20. London based lifestyle blogger. Welcome to my little space on the internet!

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