My current favourite songs

Hey guys!

In today’s post, I want to share some of my favourite songs I’ve been into recently. Some of these have only recently been released whereas some were released a little while ago. Anyways, time to jump straight into the music that I’ve been loving!

1. Mercy by Shawn Mendes (Illuminate Deluxe)


I can’t even explain how much I love Shawn Mendes! Damn, he’s just so young and talented. Honestly, his music and songs never fail to surprise me. His vocals are so good and just his songs, they’re so catchy! Mercy is one of my favourites and I love all his other songs. He’s going on tour as well and I so would love to go! If you haven’t heard his music, check it out!

Link: Illuminate (Deluxe) by Shawn Mendes

2. Mirage by Sabrina Carpenter (EVOLution)


I’ve recently discovered Sabrina Carpenter and a song of her’s called On Purpose and after listening to it, I decided to check her songs out and then realised that she’d be releasing an album soon, which she has. She’s recently released her new album EVOLution and it’s honestly amazing. I think she’s sixteen but she’s so talented for her age and she makes really catchy music. I mean most of the songs I listen to are pop or r&b but this girl, makes some great tunes. This by far is my favourite on the album at the moment.

Link: EVOLution by Sabrina Carpenter

3. Dangerously by Charlie Puth (Nine Track Mind)


Ooooh my goodness. I love this song so much! My sister recently introduced me to this song and I was like I love this! I have to admit, Charlie does make some really good songs and he’s such a good singer as well. His vocals are actually really good and the songs he makes have such good beats and I can’t stop listening!

Link: Nine Track Mind by Charlie Puth

4. Let Me Love you by DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber (Encore)


Okay this song, is just AMAZING. I love this song so much like when it was out I couldn’t stop listening to it and I still can’t. I love, love Justin and you have to admit whether you like him or not, that he makes really good songs. His content is always so good and he’s so talented. His music is incredible and I’m so sad I’m not going to his Purpose tour but he is so talented and I’m always pleased with his songs. Well done Justin!


5. No More Sad Songs by Little Mix (Glory Days Deluxe)


Lastly, whether you like Little Mix or not, they are such good vocalists in my opinion. These girls are so talented and their vocals blow me away. They’ve just recently released their new album Glory Days which is available on iTunes. I listened to this song and instantly fell in love with it. This is my favourite song on the album if I’m honest. I just love the beat of the songs that they have and their songs are really catchy! I do sometime’s feel that the lyrics of the songs can be not childish but it doesn’t reach out to the young adult kind of age group? I don’t know but hopefully you know what I mean.

Link: Glory Days by Little Mix (Deluxe)

Anyways, that’s all from me today. I hope you enjoyed this post and my next post will be make-up related so stay tuned for that! Let me know in the comments, what your top 5 favourite songs are!

                  Much love, Sami  x


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