my favourite tv shows

Hey guys!

In today’s post, I want to share with you some of my favourite TV show’s that I’ve been loving and that I’ve watched over and over again because they’re too good!


Pretty Little Liars (PLL)

Okay, Pretty Little Liars is one of the first TV series that I watched and got into immediately. This show has been running for like six years I think and there is seven seasons altogether. The seven season is yet to be released and it’s finally come to an end. This show is so so good I can’t even stress it enough! It’s about five girls, except one of them goes missing. Their friendship is so strong and amazing and the male characters in this is just damn. There’s also a supposed killer in this who is unknown but the only clue they get about this mystery killer is that they name themselves as -A. I do not want to spoil anything else for those who haven’t watched it so make sure you watch it because you will be hooked!


Gossip Girl

Oh my goodness I love this show so much! This is one of those shows that you can watch whenever you want. Gossip girl is definitely one of my favourites! I mean this show is very much all drama, gossip, girl and boy issues, those kinds of things and it is set in New York. However, it is something I enjoy watching because it can be very humorous and the main characters such as Blair, Serena, Chuck, Nate and Dan are my favourites. I also really love Darota, who is just a maid but she is so funny. With this show, the first time I started watching this, I really couldn’t get into it but if you try it a few more times you will get into it.


The Vampire Diaries (TVD)

The Vampire Diaries is a show obviously about vampires because the title pretty much gives it away. However, even though this is all supernatural, it is SO good. When I first watched this, I was not used to all the biting and gory stuff like blood but trust me, if you love supernatural and vampires then this is the show for you. It’s mainly about three characters, two vampire brothers Damon and Stefan called the Salvatore brothers and a human named Elena Gilbert. It’s pretty much a love triangle between them three for like the first few seasons but eventually it changes and there are other main characters as well.


The Originals 

Right, so this is just my favourite supernatural show ever. Like this show is actually supposed to be a spin-off show from The Vampire Diaries which is also amazing. In the Vampire Diaries, we are introduced to three characters called Klaus, Elijah and Rebekkah Mikaelson who are vampire brothers and sister. However, they are no ordinary vampires. These three are in fact the first original vampires so they cannot be killed which is great. I really love this show so much and there are many other characters I could mention but the whole concept of this show is beautiful. This show is more adult-like in my opinion in comparison to TVD. The Originals focuses more on family and It’s super cute and ugh, amazing.

Those are pretty much my top favourite TV shows. There are so many more I would love to mention but I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your favourite TV shows are in the comments.

Love always, Sami x


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  1. All of these are my favourites too, although I stopped watching PLL after the Season 6 ‘A reveal’ as it just bored me after that. My absolute faves are Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries! – Sarah xoxo

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