Being Organised with the Happiness Planner

Hi everyone!

So recently, I purchased a Happiness Planner from and I’ve really been loving it so far that I just had to write up a post about it. The Happiness Planner is basically a planner/journal that helps embrace the power of positive thinking and to help you put yourself into a positive frame of mind where you can plan your life based around the things that make you happy.

My Happiness Planner arrived a few days before the New Year and I was absolutely excited to start using it. For me, 2016 was a year full of ups and downs which is completely normal but there are things I look back at and know I want to change, not for anyone else but my own happiness.

The Happiness Planner is sold for £40.00 in the UK and the reviews were very positive and good and I just had to try it out. I also needed a planner because this year, with setting myself a few goals, I would need to be organised and in order to do so I needed a new planner that would help me structure my day, plans and help me achieve the goals I set myself.


The Happiness Planner I purchased is the Jan-Dec 2017 version and you can also get their other planners such as The 52 Week journal, The Peony dated planner, The 100 Day Planner etc. The packaging is beautiful and there’s different colour options that you can choose from. I decided to get the pink and gold planner which is absolutely stunning. In the box, you get the planner of course, a gold pen (depending on which colour planner you get) 3 gold paper clips, 2 gold fold-back clips and lastly 8 of their printable’s.

Inside the planner, you get daily pages that are dated January – December 2017 which is perfect as you are able to use it everyday for the whole year. Moreover, you also get daily quotes, goal settings, schedules and to-do’s, exercise and meal plans, reflection and positive thinking and so much more. All these, are really helping me so far with my life in terms of listing the things I need to do and just being able to reflect back on your day and seeing if you’ve been successful in becoming a step closer to achieving your goals.

I feel very pleased with this planner and look forward to using it throughout the whole year and being able to look back at my goals and targets that I set myself at the start of the year. The one goal I truly wish to achieve is to become a happier, positive person who stands their ground and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. This may sound like my last post about my goals for this year but I am truly determined to step up my game and do everything in my will to become a happier person and stay out of harms way. If you are thinking of getting a planner that not only helps you become more organised with your life, but rather helps you become a happier person then I really recommend The Happiness Planner because it really is working and helping me develop the person I am.

I look forward to what this year has to bring and offer me and it’s started off well. I am very thankful for God, my family and friends. I’m also very thankful of my wonderful, talented blogging friends that I’ve made because they are the most kindest people and truly my favourite people who have such amazing blogs. I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and make sure to go check out, I will link all their social media’s below. Please also make sure to go check out these blogs. Trust me, they are my favourites!

Emily:   Harriet:

Connor:   Becca:

Angelika:   Tyler:

Enigma:  Jade:

Love always, Sami x


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51 thoughts on “Being Organised with the Happiness Planner

  1. This planner looks amazing! I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about it and would love to invest in one some day. Good luck with your goals for 2017!

    Hannah |

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  2. The Happiness Planner looks awesome! I love the idea of the positive quotes randomly placed throughout. Really enjoyed this post on it. Think I would definitely get one for myself, I have enough this year to planning and organising but definitely next! x

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  3. I’ve heard so many good reviews about this planner, it’s been on my wishlist for so long but I just haven’t wanted to splurge out on it, but after reading this post I’ve very tempted! It looks so pretty I can’t cope!
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

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  4. ahhh £40 for a planner is a bit :/ It does look really nice though and seems full of motivating things, plus it just looks v instagram worthy ha


  5. I love the happiness planner! I had one last year and loved it so much that I bought it again this year. I love completing something everyday and even if I don’t have a good day, it’s good to keep note of the bads. I love how it looks and does help me try and keep myself motivated throughout the year.

    Belle |

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    1. Aw, that’s amazing to hear! At first I was a bit hesitant about the price but it’s definitely worth the money considering it keeps me focused and happy! I will definitely buy this for the next year too x


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