Earlier today, I came across a video of the devastation that’s been caused and has been happening for a long time in Aleppo, Syria. This video was showing what Aleppo has turned into and to be honest, it’s a city that isn’t even recognisable. There were a few people talking about what they’ve lost, saw and been through and it really hit me. Due to this, it made me want to write up a blog post about gratitude and what it really should mean.

So what does it mean?

A definition: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Sometimes, when something isn’t going your way, don’t make it seem like it’s the worst thing that’s happening to you because someone out there has absolutely nothing and could be going through something more serious. Yes, we all go through some shit but why do we allow ourselves to think that it’s the worst thing ever that’s happening to us when really, it might not be?

Knowing the times where I’ve been complaining to my dad to hurry up and pick me up because I’m standing outside the station in this cold weather when someone, somewhere else in this world is doing the same exact thing but they know they won’t get picked up. They know they won’t be going home tonight, I mean they might not even have a home. They might not have a family to go home to. Maybe this is what their life is like for them, maybe they are used to this cold weather and don’t have any hope that their life will turn around the very next day.

I don’t expect you to think about these things all the time and some things we can’t do much but pray for those and that’s what I did. Today, during my prayer time I prayed not for myself but for those around the world. Those who don’t have anything. Nothing. The word nothing feels like emptiness to me and some people somewhere are like that. All I ever pray for is for those who might be cold tonight, have no home or have no family to go to or whatever their condition is, that they are safe and sound. I always hope, that for every struggle they’ve been through, that those are replaced with happiness and strength.

Even if you feel like you have nothing, just look around you and tell yourself again that you have nothing. We need to really start appreciating the things we have and be grateful. You should be that appreciative that you can wake up blessed knowing you’re alive. Don’t take any chances for anything. Live your life to the fullest but always count your blessings. Life in itself is a blessing and some people don’t even have as many opportunities and great things as you do, so be adventurous and happy but think before you complain about your life not being perfect. Life isn’t perfect, no one is perfect. Be thankful and count your blessings.


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30 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Honestly such an inspirational post. We need to stop complaining about the little things and just keep in mind the fact that many people have it much worse than we do! Makes me happy seeing that more people like me and you, who were quite oblivious to it ll before, are starting to understand and raise awareness. One day soon it will get better, hopefully!

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