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A while back, I had discovered this amazing app called ‘Lalalab‘ which is an app where you can print photos from your camera roll or even your social media accounts such as Instagram. The app is available on both the app store and the google play store so make sure to download it as it is free.


I really wanted to jazz up my bedroom since I was getting bored of my current layout and decor. I’ve seen so many youtuber’s and DIY’s on Pinterest, ( you can follow me here) where there are all these cool room decor DIY’s and ideas that you can do yourself using polaroid’s. Now I don’t actually own a Polaroid camera because I find that they’re expensive and the film is so expensive which sucks. However, after coming across the Lalalab app, which funnily used to be called Polagram, I’ve fallen in love with all the cute prints you can make and order from there.

Lalalab offer so many cool product ideas, such as prints and these can be in different sizes and styles, lalabox where you get to print your best 36 photos and get them packaged in a lovely box with vintage prints and so much more.


I decided I wanted to get some vintage prints, as seen in the picture above! I actually ordered 42 vintage prints! I know you’re probably thinking woah. That’s a lot and it is. However, I thought some would be really cute to slip into cards for birthdays or even use in a scrapbook, collecting your favourite memories. The delivery was only £1.69 which is pretty good considering my prints arrived within 3-5 working days in a cute, fun pink envelope. It’s really simple to use as well. All you have to do is make sure the app can access your camera roll or Instagram and select the pictures you want to print, then you get the option to edit your pictures by placing filters and adding captions, which is optional but I decided to leave mine empty so I can write on them when I like in my handwriting.


I obviously had to get pictures of my favourite people too. That might be sports, fashion, TV actresses and actors and so on. This app is great for so many things and even perfect if you want to gift a few pictures to your friends or family. I’ve used some of my prints in a scrapbook and I’ve also put some up on my wall in my bedroom, attached to string lights which is super tumblr and cute.

Also, Lalalab have a referral programme where they give you a code that you can share with your friends and every time they use your code, you get a balance of £5/$5 on your account that you can use to buy yourself prints and all you’d have to do is pay for delivery which is an amazing thing and kind of saves you money! If you do happen to get this app, please make sure to use my code ‘PGRZ62J5’ and you can get £5/$5 off your order as well myself when I next order which is a win-win situation.


So what are you waiting for? Go and download the app ‘Lalalab’ on the app store or google play store and begin printing! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think about this idea in the comments. Love always,


Disclaimer: I was not sent any of these products nor told to share, these are my own views and opinions. 

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34 thoughts on “Lalalab’s Vintage Prints Review | Lifestyle

  1. Omg how cool, love how these look – I own a Polaroid already but this is cool that it can print the photos I haven’t taken on it and be practically the same! Will defo check this out!

    Jessica |

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