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I was very lucky to interview the amazing Emily Marven. Emily is an 18 year-old, UK based lifestyle, travel, fashion and fitness blogger. I asked her a few questions about the blogosphere world and blogging in general, so if you’re interested have a read!

‘I first started blogging September 2016, not that long ago’ Marven says. Emily Marven, also known as ‘EmilyBecca’ in the blogosphere world, blogs about lifestyle, travel and fitness. The 18-year old has already begun her travels and mentions that she’s already ‘visited France, Spain, Japan and Austria’ and mentions that she’s ‘also going to Italy and then Island hopping in Greece in the next few months’. So how did Emily come up with her blog name? ‘I didn’t really know where my blog was heading and what topics I’d include, so I didn’t want something that narrows me to one thing. My first and middle name is Emily Rebecca and shortening down to Becca had quite a ring to it and thus, the creation of EmilyBecca’.

Born and raised in Oxfordshire, in the heart of the Cotswolds with her family, 18-year old Emily chose to take a gap year and she’s already on the move. ‘In that time, I’ve been to Salzburg, gotten a job and had some time to myself to work on me and what I want.’ The real question was, what inspired Emily to start blogging? Marven said that ‘I really just wanted a space to write anything I wanted, I had just started my gap year and had so much time on my hands and thought this was a better time than ever!’ From this, she started blogging and really enjoys reading and writing blogs that are based around travel. If there was one place she could travel to next, it would be ‘Bali definitely!’

Emily mentions that travelling has “made me such an open minding person and gave me such a real perspective on life.’ She also adds, ‘It really pushes you out of your comfort zone!’ So why did she choose to blog about travel? ‘I’ve always enjoyed reading travel blogs, I’d indulge in them so thought there would be others like myself who’d like to read about my travels for inspiration and indulgence! Also it’s such a lovely way of documenting memories, and sharing them with so many people!’ Now into 2017 and 4 months into blogging and travelling Emily feels like she definitely has learnt so many things. She mentions that she’s learnt ‘so much, not just about other cultures and ways of life but I’ve learnt so many life skills from it making me so much more independent.’

So with an interest in travelling and blogging about it, where is Emily’s favourite place that she’s visited so far on her travels? ‘Everywhere I’ve been has been so different but I’d have to say Japan. It’s so diverse and unique! I went there for 3 weeks to attend the World Scout Jamboree which was incredible, seeing people from pretty much every country come together and celebrate unity and everyone’s cultures was life changing. I also stayed with a Japanese family which shaped me, seeing how ‘the other half lived’ and really getting to appreciate other lifestyles. It was also my first time flying (and it was 13 hours, I know) and we did a lot of travelling around on our own, so it gave me so much more confidence and independence.’

Emily Marven shares a little bit about her goals and opportunities associated with the blogosphere world.‘My one goal in blogging is to write about what I love and inspire people, be a friendly internet face. I had ideas and visions for the future but they aren’t all that clear at the moment, I’m definitely still finding my place in the blogosphere!’ Marven explains that blogging has really opened up new opportunities for her. ‘I’m only a few months in and would never imagine myself working with any brands let alone known brands and being able to meet so many lovely people and go to some amazing events!’

I asked Emily what her tips are for new aspiring bloggers who want to take the wheel. Marven states, ‘Just go for it, you don’t need anything fancy to start a blog just the passion and desire to write! I’d also highly suggest using Twitter as a base to get you ‘out there’. She further adds, ‘It’s your own space to write about your passions!’ 

A huge thank you to Emily for letting me interview you, it was such a pleasure. Also, if you all haven’t ready, go check out Emily’s blog! I always make sure to keep up to date with her blog post’s because she’s just one of my favourites! So go give her some love, here are all her social links! Emily’s blog, Twitter & Instagram!

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26 thoughts on “Interviewing Emily Marven | Lifestyle

    1. Ahh thank you Robyn! I really want to write for companies after I graduate and write for magazines so I’m trying to practise to have the skills to become a journalist! Thank you so much beautiful x


  1. Thank you so much for interviewing me, it was such a pleasure. You’re writing is just amazing and I can’t wait for the day I see your name on the Vogue articles! I hope this was all okay for you’re uni work and I’m so happy you’re making a series of this, you put it all so well and it’s a great way for you and other bloggers to get out there! Keep it up lovely! xxx

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    1. Oh Em don’t get me started girl! I’ve enjoyed interviewing you and writing it up so much. I can’t wait to get my feedback for the interview at uni and everyone who read it really loved it and believe it or not, but you’re like a big blogger in a lot of people’s eyes and inspired so many of my friends! I hope to do more of these and your sweetest comments make me SO happy, I love you xxx

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