Mini March Haul

In the last couple of days, I picked up a few little things and by few, I mean like three or four things. Nevertheless, I still wanted to write and share with you what I brought and why.

Firstly, I brought this bag from Dorothy Perkins. It’s like a greyish purple looking tote bag. I was actually walking around Westfield and my bag broke because I had so many things in my bag and just decided to go and buy a new bag whilst I was there. I brought this bag for £32.00 which I think is great considering I can fit a lot of things, the design is very simple and there’s lots of space inside as it includes little compartments to keep smaller things. As a university student and a girl in general, I’ve always got so much to carry with me so this was perfect, especially after an hour of searching for the right bag!


I also went to H&M one morning before uni and wasn’t intending to buy anything but I came across these sunglasses and couldn’t resist not getting them. So of course, I brought these and am in love! The frame of the glasses is rose gold, my favourite! And the lens are like a pinkish red colour but it looks so good once worn and cannot wait to wear it. These only cost me £5.99 which is pretty great.

Again, whilst I was at H&M I saw a stand of watches and knew that I needed to get a new one so I had a look and there were so many nice ones but I decided to get this watch that has a nude/pink/beige coloured strap and the rest is rose gold which I am obsessed with at the moment. Anything rose gold makes me excited and I absolutely love and adore it. This watch cost me £14.99.


A little while ago, when I brought myself the March issue of the Elle magazine with Emma Watson as the face of the issue, the magazine came with a free sample sized Benefit They’re Real mascara. This is obviously a sample but I used it and can say I am so in love with the way my lashes look. I mean, I’ve barely got any lashes but when I tried this mascara, it made my lashes look darker and also very natural but very voluminous and not clumpy at all. I cannot stand mascaras that make your lashes look bulky and clumpy.

Lastly, I brought Mac’s Velvet Teddy again. I know, you’re probably wondering why I brought this again. I brought one a while ago but since my sister used it too, I gave it to her and it was hers but because I loved it so much I just thought why not get another one? When I went to buy another one they had a limited edition packaging which is super pretty as you can see in the pictures. The last time I brought one which was not that long ago, it only cost me £15.50 but now the priced has been bumped up by a pound to £16.50. Despite that, I still love and adore this lipstick. I’m not really a fan of Mac’s other products but I just love the colour of this lipstick. Unpopular opinion, but I do think Mac is very overrated but this shade on the lips is super pretty and cute.

That’s pretty much the things I’ve brought recently that I thought I should share with you! Also, I really want to do a giveaway to giveback to all you lovely bloggers. If you have any recommendations on products, let me know in the comments! I’d love to give something back to you amazing people! Until next time!


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24 thoughts on “Mini March Haul

  1. HOW is that bag from Dorothy Perkins? It genuinely looks designer! I’m impressed with those bargain hunters eyes gal. Everything here is so so pretty – we have very similar tastes haha! xxx

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    1. Honestly, I was surprised! I wasn’t sure if I’d like it when in the shop but it has to be the most fashionable bag I own. Love how sophisticated it makes me look, I try hard! And omg that’s amazing ahaha, lol I do love you xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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