I don’t know about many of you but I can be such an over thinker. It genuinely feels like my mind does it to me on purpose and I hate it. I don’t know why I allow myself to think about things that have already happened and even when it’s an upsetting experience, I’ll seem to think about it when I’m upset.

I just wanted to make a blog post about this because sometimes, overthinking get’s the best of me. Even at night sometimes, it takes me ages to get to sleep purely because I have too many thoughts on my mind. Why did this happen? Why did they do this? Why did I say that? All these horrible things. And the most annoying thing is that they never happen to be good thoughts, just negative ones.

I often try and tell myself to move on and forget about the things that upset me. I try to remind myself to be positive because life isn’t always 100% negative and that you have to have hope and faith in yourself. But what if there was a way to stop overthinking? Why do we do it? Overthinking is the worst thing ever, it makes me think about bad times and I’ll think about it over and over again unwillingly and then I end up in a bad mood. Lately, it’s been making me feel like rubbish because I just don’t really know how to feel. Like, do you ever get those days where your life feels a little, quiet and empty? Mine feels like that right now.

I have a lot of amazing people in my life don’t get me wrong, but still. There’ll always be those days where I feel like this and usually I brush it off but when I start to overthink it just makes things worse and I feel so down. I’m always trying to find ways of staying busy, happy and content but that’s ruined when something bad happens and I start to overthink. Right now, I don’t know why I feel so empty inside and on the outside because I do have people there but at the same time it feels like no ones really there and the people that I thought were meant to be, aren’t and that sometimes upsets me a lot.

But so much love to my friends who are always keeping it real, being true to the world and most importantly themselves. I learn so much from my friends and I may not have a large group of friends but that’s not what’s important. Quality over quantity. So when I do overthink, I always think about those who know how to keep me inspired, motivated and happy. I can happily say that I’m so lucky to be blessed and given some amazing people who get me through the hard times.

Reminder: You should know your worth and that you are SO important. Sorry for the unusual post but I just felt like I had to get this out there! love always.


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52 thoughts on “Overthinking

  1. Sami I loved this post and really like your more ‘deep’ posts. I too overthink and it’s so annoying when I want to sleep. You’re exactly right life isn’t always negative and it is hard to get out of that negative slump. I hope you feel better soon and I am glad you’ve got good friends to support and uplift you! LOVE YOU

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    1. Thank you Harriet, that means a lot girl. Swear it takes a while to get out of that bad habit but you get there eventually. And you are one of THOSE friends who support me and make me happy! love you so damn much, stay happy ❤

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  2. I have a deep post exactly like this in my draft. But yes, overthinking always gets the best of us. We can’t help it, but I do hope we can fight it and keep the positive flows in us always. Good post and thank you for following me! x

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  3. Such a well-written post! I too suffer from over-thinking too much, and it’s awful, as I know I shouldn’t work myself up over it, but I do! I hope that you’re okay, and it’s great that you’re surrounded by such lovely people❤

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  4. Great post. I definitely overthink literally everything in my life and I wish I could stop. Especially when it’s over silly little things I can’t control. Thinking and surrounding yourself with positive people is a really good idea, something I intend to do more often. xx

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    1. That genuinely helps a lot. Talking to people who can help take things off your mind. I appreciate the good in my life so much and that’s what usually helps me stay focused and positive. And I can’t overthink when I’m happy! x


    1. Aww! I feel like when you have a lot on your mind, you just need some space to breathe and live. Like go out and do things you wouldn’t do that would take your mind off things. x


  5. It feels so weird ‘liking’ this post because the topic isn’t a nice one but I think it’s so important to talk about overthinking and often people don’t. You’ve written it so well and portrayed so accurately how it feels to overthink. Breathing exercises sometimes help me because once you start focusing on your breath you can think about your thoughts so maybe it’s something you could look into x

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    1. Oh wow, I never really thought much about breathing exercises. But I will most definitely try it if it helps with overthinking and trying to get sleep! My brother tells me that too actually aha. Thank you lovely x

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  6. Great post. I totally understand what you mean about overthinking at night. I do this most nights and it’s so hard to switch off. I’m currently having a cup of Clipper Snore and Peace tea about an hour before I go to bed and it’s definitely helping a little. Also reading/writing blog posts helps me too! x


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  7. This was so inspiring! Indeed, our brains can act up at times, and it really sucks 😦 It’s sure nice to know there’s people by our side, but I think it’s quite important to also know how to progress ourselves. Truth is, that can get quite difficult.
    Either way, I loved the post! Thanks for writing this! ❤

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  8. I also believe in quality over quantity! I’d much rather have a few close friends who truly love & appreciate me than anything. Lovely blog post! ❤ 🙂

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  9. We all feel like this sometimes, I tend to randomly think about things that happens years ago just before I’m about to go to sleep. Sometimes it’s so unexpected I’ll just be like woah where did that come from lol. As for feeling empty, I know how you feel, too. I honestly think the best thing to do is to pray to God, and surround yourself with your loved ones. Sitting alone and spending a lot of time alone is soooo bad for you when you’re overthinking, as you get way too deep into it & start seeing things that are not/were never really there. Great blog post, you’re definitely not alone! If you ever need an ear, I’m just a message away! Lots of love xxx

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    1. aw, wow. I can picture having great chats about life and just our thoughts with you! I feel like I’ll always be an overthinker but sometimes, it really does get the best of me! aw, likewise sis, likewise! love you! xxx


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