Quick monthly haul

I have to admit, I cannot control myself when it comes to shopping. I mean, every girl loves shopping or can’t live without it because who can’t? Some days, you just need to go out and buy the things you need and some days, you go out and buy the things you want. There’s definitely a difference between the two and these were thing’s that I’ve both needed and wanted. Here are a few things I brought from mainly Primark and other places.


So to begin with, let’s start off with the most boring. Some plain cotton black socks. I mean, these are just the essentials that pretty much everyone needs. When I popped into Primark for one of those quick browses and ended up walking out with something, I remembered that I needed some new socks since mine always go missing. I swear there’s a sock thief in my house! These only cost me £1.70!

Then, I also decided that I should go pick up a few jeans. I brought a black high waisted skinny jean and a blue mid rise skinny jean too! I just love black skinny jeans and pretty much wear them all the time. The sad thing is that the colour washes out quick after a few wears but since they’re from Primark I don’t expect too much of them. The black skinny jeans were only £8.00 and the blue ones were £7.00! I brought both of them in a size 8 because the Primark sizing can be different to what I usually wear in jeans. I have very long, tall legs so I would usually buy a 10 or even a 12 but for that perfect fit, especially from Primark I make sure to get a size 8.


How pretty is this bralette? It’s so cute ahh! Now, I’ve noticed how trendy bralettes are right now and Primark have so many pretty ones in right now and they’re affordable prices too so if you’re interested, you should totally go check Primark out right now! My eyes were immediately drawn to this one, which is kind of like a pink crimson shade bralette and I love all the lace detailing. This one is a padded bralette which is good for those of you who feel comfortable with that extra lil something. I’m obsessed with how pretty it looks and cannot wait to wear it! This was only £4.00 believe it or not.

So of course, how can you walk out of Primark without buying these? Damn, when I walked past these I was like ‘I have to get those!’ I mean look how cute and delicate they look! These both came together for only £7.00 which is a right bargain because I’m not even kidding, I walked into both Urban Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret and I saw so many amazing and pretty bralette’s but they were all £20.00 each which is quite understandable but the fact that I was able to get my hands on these cute ones for only £7.00, it’s such a bargain!

I then walked into Boots and went over to the NYX range and ahh I just wanted everything! I didn’t really plan on buying until I remembered I needed some glitter for eye makeup but I was never too sure where it would be the best to go purchase one! So, I brought the NYX ‘glitter brilliants’ face and body glitter in gold. This cost me £5.50 which is decent and for the brand itself good. I will definitely be using it especially to special occasions since it will look amazing! And while I was there, I managed to get my hands on the NYX dewy finish setting spray. I’ve heard SO many people rave about this spray! NikeeTutorials always uses this and is obsessed with it so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. She also uses this to pack on glitter to the eyelid. They also have a primer for the glitter which was around £8.00 but I didn’t bother getting that. The NYX setting spray was only £8.00 but the bottle isn’t as big as I expected.


Moving on, I decided it was time I’d buy the full size They’re Real mascara from Benefit. I have tried out the sample size of this and can say I absolutely LOVE it! I can definitely see why lots of people rave about this mascara because it genuinely gives me that dramatic length and volume, like ugh I’m so obsessed with this mascara. I brought this from Boots for £20.50!


Lastly, I treated myself to a Marc Jacobs perfume! I brought the 50ml Honey eau de toilette. I brought this from Debenhams and they’re having a mid season sale which is so great! This was originally £50 but I managed to get it for £33.00 which is just amazing. I think they were having 30% off on selected fragrances so I’m happy I managed to get my hands on this and am in love with the scent!

So that’s pretty much everything that I’ve picked up recently and am loving! I hope you enjoyed this post! Love always!


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46 thoughts on “Quick monthly haul

  1. I need to do a primark shop soon! I seem to keep losing jeans and I don’t know how?! omg I’m currently mid way through using my sample sized theyre real mascara haha!! Definitely need to buy the full sized one after 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve got some lovely things as usual. I love a good primark trip, always perfect for the essentials. I’ve never tried benefit mascaras and I really want to try that one and roller lash! Also the glitter looks so lovely, I would love to try and do a makeup look with glitter but I think I would really struggle.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay I definitely tried using the glitter yesterday and it was my first time but damn, it was really hard. I don’t know how people manage to use it and not get it everywhere! thanks girly x


  3. I purchased some NYX products yesterday. Hooked to their lip shades. Let us know how you like the Benefit Mascara. I bought from them and ended up returning it because it just didn’t work for me.

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  4. Love cute bralettes! I need to buy some more. I’m trying to contain myself at the moment with shopping though haha. I’ve wanted to try benefit they’re real! I currenly have Benefit’s “better than sex” mascara, and I love that one alot!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m so addicted to shopping, even when I don’t have the money I just can’t stop myself! Especially when it comes to blogging essentials or blogging accessories! I think primark are completely slaying in the underwear section, the bralettes are so cute & I love NYX makeup, I have the bronzer and it’s my favourite!xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Amazing, it come out so clear and natural and you only need the smallest bit as its comes out so strong so it lasts for ages! I’ve had mine way over a year and still have loads left and I use it everyday! Yes definitely, preach that🙌🏽x

        Liked by 1 person

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