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Hey everyone! How are you all?

I feel like it’s been a little while since I did this but there’s always those few songs that you can’t stop listening to, that’s on repeat like everyday. Here are a few songs I’ve been loving recently that I thought I’d share with you! Some are a few old favourites and some, are new!

1. Still Got Time – Zayn, PARTYNEXTDOOR – When I first heard this song I was a bit eh, but I absolutely love Zayn and his music! Yes, after a few times listening to this I started to find it quite catchy and now I can’t stop listening to this!

2. Small Doses – Bebe Rexha – Well, Bebe is just amazing. This song is actually so catchy and I love it. At first, I didn’t really think I would like this but now after listening to it a few times, I’m obsessed and it’s so good. Such a chill song and Bebe is actually one of my favourite artists.

3. It Ain’t Me – Kygo ft Selena Gomez – Well how can this not be in anyone’s favourites? I mean I adore Selena, she’s so cute but this song? Wow, it’s defo bop approved! I love it and it’s so catchy, makes me feel good!

4. No Promises – Shawn Mendes – Damn, Shawn is so, SO talented I can’t stress it! I just love his voice and his songs. They’re so chill and catchy to listen to. I’ve been really loving No Promises, because the beat and just the rhythm of this song makes me dance to it! Love Shawn and I’d really love to go see him live one day.

5. Issues – Julia Michaels – Wow. This song is so underrated but honestly. Who knew it would be so good? I absolutely love this song. The lyrics are amazing and the song itself is such a catchy tune and very different and unique. Amazing!

So those, are pretty much my favourite songs at the moment. I have way more that I’ve been loving lately, but I don’t want to bore you all. This was a small post but let me know what your favourite songs are at the moment!


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47 thoughts on “Current favourite songs | Music

  1. I’m loving all of these songs right now my favorite one you said has to be issues. What I can’t get enough of right now is passion fruit by Drake. Seeing as the weather has got warmer it just has such a summer feel to it!

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  2. Love hearing about what music other people listen to and finding new stuff! And I’m loving Kygo at the moment, definitely good music for when the suns out! Great post beautiful xx

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  3. It Ain’t Me is such a good song by Selena, I’m going to take a listen to some of the other songs you’ve been liking, these kinds of posts are so good for discovering new artists x


  4. I haven’t heard any of these I need to get cracking and find some new tunes to listen to! Thanks for the musical inspiration! Xx

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  5. Love this post. I feel so out of touch with new music at the moment. I’ve been listening to my old favourites. So I’m gonna go with Ed Sheeran shape of you. I hear it once and it’s in my head all day!
    I’m gonna listen to your list xx
    LucyLu xx

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  6. I haven’t actually listened to any of these songs D: but I might check them out. Personally I prefer Harry Style’s latest stuff compared to Zayne’s… or any of the other guys stuff. I think it’s probably because I was never a One Direction fan and Harry’s new stuff just caters more to my taste

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  7. I am loving all these songs, definitely get you in the mood for warmer months/weather!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

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