Being productive when studying

As a university student and a blogger, sometimes there’s so much work to do and you have to balance everything out. Often, you have to make sure you prioritise your work life over your social life because there are deadlines and other important things. Being productive is very important. So the question is? How do I stay productive? Well, I’ll tell you all about it in this post.


I don’t know about you but for me, stationary is essential. Not any ordinary kind of stationary, but cute and tumblr-ish looking ones. Oh, and of course making sure these stationary items are good quality. I have discovered a new stationary store, which I personally never knew existed but now that I know, I am OBSESSED! Guys, I introduce you to Typo! Many of you may or may not of have heard of this company but they sell the most cutest, prettiest and aesthetically pleasing stationary as well as many other cool items that fabulous people like you and me need in our lives!


In Typo, I brought a pack of 5 different exercise books. These have lined paper inside but they have different patterns and sayings on them which drew me to them. Also, I brought them for only £6.00! That’s so good, considering they’re the perfect size and designs for different topics. The main reason I brought these other than the fact that they’re super cute is that I can use each one for different topics and reasons. As a Literature student, I am looking at so many different texts and poems and to have different books where I can write my notes on makes it so much easier. Obviously, there are other alternatives and you may just want to make all your notes in just one notebook itself but I’m just extra and love the idea of a different book for different uses. So, make sure you buy notebooks, notepads, coloured paper and basically anything that you can make your notes on.


Woah, those pens though! Using different coloured pens when writing also helps me in my productivity. How can a person stick to one colour when making notes? Not me. On top that, it’s a great way to allocate a colour for a certain reason or topic. Sometimes, I’ll use one colour for the title and then another for the base of what I’m writing. It makes your notes so much easier to understand and makes it look that extra pretty because why not right? I mainly stick to black for the base of the topic I’m writing on because it’s the main part that I need to be looking back on.


However, I also use my coloured pens when writing a key word in that base text. So, I tend to switch from black to a colour like pink for example. So when you look back at your notes, you can see that the information is there but you’ll know that the key words to remember are the ones written in a different colour. The same goes for using highlighters. Just make sure you don’t highlight everything, like Stiles from Teen Wolf. I mean, awks if you don’t watch it.


So what does keep me motivated and productive whether that be for blogging or uni work? Inspiration. If you ever feel that you’re not feeling the blogging or uni work (I mean that’s a code black if you don’t do your uni assignments or revise), you just need to take some time and space to find inspiration. What I do, is usually think about why I actually started uni or blogging and even take note and advice from others. Have a look around, go to the library, watch Youtube videos or even talk to people. Find inspiration! Honestly, motivate yourself and push yourself to get that work done. Make notes, bullet list everything you have to do. Remind yourself of your targets and what needs to get done!

Also, snacks are very important. I mean, I need to be snacking on something and oh, don’t forget a drink. But I’ll stick to a bottle of water and maybe even tea (because I’m such an old lady). Eating actually helps you stay focused and gives you that extra boost of energy so make sure you eat and work away!


Lastly, the thing that keeps me the most motivated and productive is music. Where would we be without it? Sometimes I either have my music playing quite loud or it’ll be a little quieter just there in the background whilst I type away on some blog posts or when revising. Music helps me through everything and it’s so nice to have something to listen to in the background whilst you work. Especially something you enjoy listening to. However, quite frankly I do get those days where I actually prefer the silence to help me really concentrate when I’m doing close readings of texts.

Anyways, I’m so sorry if this was a long post but these are just a few ways and ideas that keep me productive. You just have to find something to keep you motivated and inspired in order to stay productive, that’s my main tip. If you like these kinds of posts, let me know and I will write up more posts for you.


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46 thoughts on “Being productive when studying

  1. Just what I needed! I have two finals on Wednesday and I’ve been up studying for about 5 hours now, and I’m feeling super lazy! This was super inspiring, thank you for sharing!!

    Georgia X

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    1. Oh you gem, that makes me happy to hear! I don’t know if I was able to explain everything properly but it’s definitely what I do and what helps me in my studies! Also, good luck my lovely. You’ll ace your finals! xx

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  2. Sami I am loving your photos in this they look great, I really need to up my game and get some cute notepads because they always make me want to work in them! I’m just like you and always need music to study, I often play quite relaxing music quietly and it helps me focus. And YES snacks. I literally can’t survive revision without them!

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  3. These are great tips that I wish I had when I was in uni a few years ago! I definitely agree on cute stationery. It’s kind of similar to having cute workout clothes… once you have it, you’re more motivated to workout. Same with stationery and staying organized! Plus, I think the highlighters and different colored pens makes studying more fun and keeps your focus in tact, rather than plain black ink. Great tips, thank you for sharing! 🙂


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  4. Girl, you make me want to study all over again! But this is really true though. I have a younger brother who’s still in college and even he uses coloured notebooks and pens. He said it makes him wants to read the notes by using them. Good for him. And great post! x Ain

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  5. This is great, how helpful! So jealous of your stationery collection girl! Omg. I need some more cute stationery in my life.. I agree, buying cute pens, highlighters and stickers makes planning more fun! I also find music to be very motivational!

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  6. My first exam is on Friday and I’m a bit unorganised about it to be honest! Typo looks glorious and right up my street. Your stationery is all so cute! My go to for stationery is Ohh Deer! I either listen to music or have a TV show on in the background, not something I’m that interested in, more just for the noise!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

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