Starting A bullet journal

Now we’ve all seen those pictures of bullet journals all over Pinterest right? Well, I decided that it was time I finally started my own bullet journal. I never really understood why people used bullet journal’s if I’m completely honest but now after finding some inspiration and actually starting one, I must say it’s very cool!


I only brought my journal a few days ago but I knew that I wanted this one specifically as shown in the image above. I decided to buy the Leuchtturm1917 dotted journal in the colour purple, which looks so bold but I didn’t really know what colour to get and would’ve preferred black but they didn’t have any in the store I brought it from. I brought this journal for £13.95 I believe which is costly but for the quality of this journal, I think it’s great.

So what do you use a bullet journal for? Most people use a bullet journal for different reasons but I’m mainly using it to take notes, mark down anything important and organise my life. As a blogger, it’s definitely a more useful and creative way of keeping your life organised and together. I have started creating a few pages, starting by filling out the index page where it’s much more easier to find pages.


After that, I started a planning routine page where it simply shows my planning routine and the things I want to make sure I do when I’m planning. I also made a calendar page, where I copied out the yearly calendar for 2017 just so it’s easier for me to flick back to in case I want to mark any important dates or refer to. I also made just a small drawing, kind of like a header page. It was nothing too snazzy and I decided to keep it simple, because let’s face it, it’s quite some effort. Speaking of effort, I did decide to make my ‘June’ planner page pretty detailed.


As you can see in the pictures above, I added some colour to this page. This is basically my monthly planner and I decided to start with June. I know, we’re still in May but these are just the few things I’ve noted down that I want to achieve and accomplish in that month. I used some pastel highlighters to shade in some of the boxes and I also used some coloured pens to add some colour to the border on the top of my page. With a bullet journal, you can use it for anything and be as creative as you want. Colour or no colour, it’s all down to you. If you want to keep it minimal then you can, I personally feel that the way I’ve chosen to do mine can be quite time consuming but if I’m really feeling like sitting down and adding the extra detail I want then it’s good for me.


Another two pages, I decided to create a monthly tracker and I’ve written out one for June. So, I wrote down a few things that I want to keep track of such as reading more books, running everyday, updating more blog posts and so on. This way, it’s going to help me stay focused on my tasks and make sure I’m committed to getting these things done. I also created a page called ‘Books I Want To Read’ where I’m going to list a few books that I want to read because I love reading! So, when it comes to the pens I use for my bullet journal, I like to keep it simple yet colourful.


I’ve recently invested in some colourful and useful calligraphy pens which are so good. I’m currently working on my calligraphy skills so I’m not quite a pro at it but I always see so many pretty calligraphy writing styles and designs and I think they would look great in my bullet journal. I also use a 0.5 nib black ink pen for writing. I have to admit, sometimes it can be quite inky and smudges if you don’t let it dry but it’s such a good pen to use when organising and writing in your bullet journal.

So starting a bullet journal, isn’t that hard at all. In fact, it’s really fun and the power and creativity lies in your hands so you can customise your bullet journal however you want. There are no rules and I know it’s definitely going to help me stay organised and keep track of so many things. Have you ever tried using a bullet journal? This is just what I’ve done so far in my bullet journal, I know I’ll be filling it out so there’ll be so many more things to put in this.

That’s all, hope you enjoyed. Love always,


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39 thoughts on “Starting A bullet journal

  1. I have that many journals in my room but have not yet used any! I think I am just a very unorganised person who shouldn’t use them!

    Abigail |

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  2. I absolutely love the idea and look of a bullet journal! Will have to get one soon, but currently trying to use up my planner I have at the moment! I love the colors and designs you added! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. Okay, wow. First things first, your bullet journal is SO aesthetically pleasing and your handwriting is so beautiful! I lowkey wanna start a bullet journal but my handwriting is so ugly and it would probably be a mess the next day, haha! X


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  4. I have been tempted to start a bullet journal for sooooo long, I have the Leuchtturm1917 dotted journal (mine is yellow hehe) but I’ve yet to actually do anything with it! Your writing is beautiful and I love the colour scheme, everything works together so well! This post has given me some inspiration!

    Abbey 😘

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  5. Your journal is so pretty! I tried to get one going but failed horribly lol. I think I overcomplicated my process so I’ll have to take a more lax approach next time. Good luck with yours! 💕

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  6. I’m the same way, I want my bullet journal to be as creative and colorful as possible. I’ve seen bullet journals but haven’t really invested in one. I’m thinking of getting a blank journal next so I can fill it with pictures and write little notes or messages :).

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