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Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great day! Now recently, I’ve brought a few things like three or four products that I have really been loving recently that I thought I should share with you all. So, let’s get into this!


Now, I know how much you’re all going to be telling me that how have I never used a Real Techniques sponge before or even purchased one?! Well, I finally got around to getting my hands on one. I usually use brushes for my face but now I’ve been using beauty blenders and especially this one, I am in love! It’s probably the best sponge I’ve used out there and really blends everything into place giving your skin that flawless look! I also love that you can use the sponge three different ways to get the best result possible when doing your makeup. It was only £5.99 from Superdrug.


Now if you have me on snapchat (if not, it’ll be linked below) then you would’ve seen me post a pic of this. A few days ago I brought one of my favourite Calvin Klein perfume out there. This eau de toilette is just amazing and has been around for a long time but I decided I needed a repurchase of this! I wanted to get a bigger size but they only had the 30ml which I brought anyway! I love the smell of this fragrance because it’s a very fresh smelling scent which I love. It’s not too strong, which is fab because I’m not a fan of very strong scented perfumes. This perfume was on offer, and I brought it for £19.99 but I can’t quite remember the original price.


Another two products I’m really loving are the Makeup Revolution ultra brushes. I brought the ultra flawless powder brush and the ultra blush brush! Both work amazing on the skin and can we talk about how soft they are for a second?! There’s no fallout from the bristles and they are incredibly soft and light! I absolutely love, love, LOVE the packaging too! You can’t go wrong with some copper finished brushes now can you? The blush brush was only £8.99 and the powder brush was £9.99!


Well, now that we’re talking Makeup Revolution, of course I’m going to have to throw this in there! Now, this is actually one of my first face primers as well! I’ve never been one to use primers because in all honesty, I didn’t think they could quite make any difference. But my friends, I was wrong indeed! This primer works wonders and it’s not the best face primer ever, considering it was only £5.00 and I can definitely say, my makeup lasted a pretty long time. However, you would need to touch up on your makeup every now and then but it does the job!


Sorry, there were quite a few amazing pictures you had to scroll through to get here but can we just take a moment to appreciate this palette guys! Oh my god, I LOVE this palette! This is the Makeup Revolution New-trals vs Neutrals palette and it only costs £6.49! Can we just talk about the shades though?! I am obsessed with the colours in this eye shadow palette. It almost reminds me of the ABH modern renaissance palette which is beautiful!

In this palette you get a mix of shimmer and matte shades which is great for those who want to create certain looks using a different combination of eye shadows. The palette also comes with a double-ended brush which you can use to either blend your shadows or pack on the shadows. I love the fact that this palette comes with a mirror, I mean that’s definitely handy. The packaging of this eye shadow palette is all matte black which I think is so sleek and beautiful. I’ve already used a few of the shades to create a red/pink toned eye shadow look and I love how it turned out on my eyes. Makeup Revolution, always bring out amazing products!

That’s pretty much it lovelies! Just a few of the products that I’ve purchased recently and am loving! Have you tried out any of these products? Love always,


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  1. Makeup Revolution is such a great. inexpensive brand :). I haven’t tried any of those products but I’m curious to see how they would work on me. I’ve tried one of their eyeshadow palettes and I liked it a lot.

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